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Trails and walkways not only add functionality to your yard, but they can add curb appeal and raise the value of your home! Front yard walkways that bend around corners out of sight lead the eye into an element of mystery, while functional stone walkways provide easy access from your front door to other areas in your yard. At Smokey Park Hardscapes we have many walkway ideas to create beautiful, long-lasting style to your outdoor space.

There are plenty of ways to create trails and backyard walkways through hardscaping and landscaping. Whether you want a stone or concrete walkway or an organic path lined with trees, flowers, or shrubs, our experienced hardscaping and landscaping contractors can help you with the design and installation of your trail.

Our goal is to complete your project on time, on budget, and with quality that exceeds your expectations.

Enhance Your Yard with
Walkway Pavers

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to learn how our designers and builders can create a walkway or trail to add function and beauty to your outdoor space.

Types of Trails and Walkways

Before getting started, decide what kind of walkway design you want. You want to choose the design and material that best fits your outdoor space, aesthetic ideas, and the contour of your yard. 

Some walkway ideas include:

  • Paving stone - Like a flagstone walkway for example

  • Garden walkway - Lined with beautiful plants.

  • Brick walkway

  • Gravel path - Think pea gravel or white gravel

  • Crushed stone

  • Wood planks

The second step is to choose choose your materials.
Here are just a few of the options we offer:

  • Slate

  • Stepping stones

  • Concrete Pavers

  • Crushed gravel

  • Concrete

The type of trail or walkway you choose can add so much character to your yard. Stone walkways pave the way to a rustic charm, plant-lined paths form an organic venture into nature, and stepping stones easily point the way to your patio or garden. No matter what design and material you choose, trails and gravel walkways ease the way around your property!

Visit our plant nursery to choose from our selection of shrubs, evergreens, and flowering perennials to ensure the beauty of your walkway lasts for years to come.

Professional Installation
of Trails and Walkways

At Smokey Park Hardscaping, we're experienced and knowledgeable to provide the best trails and walkways at your home. After we assess your property, we'll determine the best course of action - like whether or not you need grading to avoid flooding - before we get started building the path of your choice. 

If you are a resident of Asheville or the surrounding area, let us take care of your landscaping and hardscaping needs. Call us at 828-633-2950 for a free estimate to ensure we are able to provide you with the services you need.

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